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Economic Development Officer Training Program

Our Board has resolved to pursue an Economic Development Officer Training Program for our communities.


We agree there is a considerable gap in trained and qualified individuals in our communities to provide and chase and establish strong economic and business development.  If our communities are move up and prosper, we must establish skills and competencies to assist community and regional economic opportunities to germinate and grow.


Looking at the uncertainty across the northern economic spectrum, we must work harder to develop new and fresh ways to create economic opportunities.  There are other modern factors which we must consider in our economic development approaches including improved human resources development, implications of development on the environment, and innovative methods to attract required investment.  


Economic Development Workers can:

  • Leader, plan, and mobilize our assets

  • Steer toward strategic thinking and team building 

  • Elevate critical thinking and problem solving 

  • Create human resources planning and development 

  • Enhance Financial and Capital attraction 

  • Highlights the value infrastructure and physical resources in economic development

  • Illustrates natural resources sustainability

  • Assists in marketing goods and services

  • Local and regional business promotion

Integrated Resource Management Diploma (IRM)

NWC has been working with key partners in achieving an Integrated Resource Management Training Program targeting residents from North West Saskatchewan. A considerable funding and coordinating commitment by Gabriel Dumont Institute enable the training program to start in the fall of 2017 in Buffalo Narrows. Year 2 will be Prince Albert. 


Other funders in the program are, Northlands College, North West Communties Management Company, and Denison Mines.


For more information about the program please link here:


IRMD Students
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