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Corporate Information

North West Communities Management Company Ltd.


The North West Communities Management Company is a for-profit corporation wholly owned by North West Communties Wood Products Ltd. NWCMCo. Ltd. was formed to advance progress in a wide range of potential local and regional economic development, business interests, and training in north west Saskatchewan.


NWCMCo. will assist in shaping policy and the foundations for successful economic and business development for the primary indigenous region.

NWCMCo. will participate in the renewable and non-renewable resources sectors. These sectors may include areas such tourism, wild rice, commercial fishing, non-timber forest products, amongst others.

North West Communities Wood Products Ltd.

NWC was formed in 1999 to promote the inclusion and engagement of five northern Métis communities in the forestry industry throughout their traditional territory. Several years later the ownership structure of NWC was expanded to include two additional communities.


The seven communities that are presently shareholders in NWC include: La Loche, Buffalo Narrows, Ile a la Crosse, Pinehouse, the Northern Hamlet of Patuanak, Beauval, and Green Lake. Under NWC’s governing structure, each of the seven shareholder communities appoint a board member who will sit on the organization's Board of Directors.


The Board oversees the strategic direction of NWC’s business activities and is responsible for hiring a CEO who oversees the day to day business activities of the organization. Included within the CEO’s duties are seeking out and developing business opportunities, engaging consultants and other professionals to assist with research and due diligence activities, manage the organization according to its budget, manage staffing resources and organize board meetings.

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