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Conrad Misponas - Secretary/Treasurer

Northern Village of Pinehouse


Conrad is the Project Manager for the Pinehouse Housing Co-operative. He recently obtained his journeyman status in carpentry.


He has been elected twice as Alderman for the Northern Village of Pinehouse. Conrad values all his community members, his family and his culture. Conrad is an avid hunter and fisherman.

Joe Daigneault - Chair

Northern Village of Beauval


Joe was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Ile a la Crosse and was raised across the lake from the community at historical Fort Black. He moved to Beauval in 1976.

Joe began his formal education at Rossignol Boarding School at Ile a la Crosse and subsequently achieved his B.Ed. in 1995.

Joe is now retired after 40 years of work experiences which include: store clerk, carpenter’s helper, recreation director and Regional Director with Northlands College. Joe currently sits as a Trustee with Northern Lights School Division and on the Saskatchewan School Boards Association provincial executive.

Mr. Daigneault continues to work to remove geographic, cultural, and socio-economic barriers to education. Furthermore, he offers leadership to address local and northern issues for the betterment of the communities throughout the north.

In December of 2014 Joe was appointed to represent the Northern Village of Beauval Council on the North West Communities Management Company board. He currently serves as Board Chair. 

Peter Durocher 

Northern Village of Ile à la Crosse


Peter was born and raised in Ile a la Crosse where he attended school. He completed his grade 12 in Saskatoon. During the 1980’s, Peter worked as an equipment operator for Cameco and Tyson Mining. He received paramedic training at SIAST in 2003 and for the past 18 years he’s worked for Keewatin Yatthe Regional Health Authority as a paramedic and paramedic coordinator.


Mr. Durocher was a previous board member for North West Communities in the early 90’s and was reappointed in January 2017, representing the Northern Village of Ile a la Crosse. His interests include carpentry, trapping, fishing hunting, and being out on the land. 

Ric Richardson 

Northern Village of Green Lake


Ric Richardson is an active mayor, living with his wife, Rose, in Green Lake. Raised in the Canadian military, Ric has lived in many areas of Canada, as well as Germany. He had the benefit of being taught the strengths of his culture and the pride and dignity of Metis people.


Ric was taught that he had a responsibility to create bridges, between the modern and traditional worlds. Using nature, to provide ways of living in the modern world, is a big part of his identity. Ric was first elected, as the mayor of the Northern Village of Green Lake in 2015, and was re-elected, in 2016.


Ric is active on a variety of boards, including the Green Lake Co-management and North West Communities board. He is currently finishing his degree in Indigenous Social Work at the First Nations University of Canada.

Darcy Lariviere

Northern Village of Patuanak


Darcy was born in Ile a la Crosse and spent his childhood in Patuanak. Darcy did a year of post-secondary education at NORTEP from 1988-89. Afterwards, he received more training in Flin Flon and worked as an underground miner. 


Subsequently, Darcy worked as an underground miner for 13 years with Tyson Mining Company. He studied Power Engineering in 1992.


Darcy has been representing the Northern Hamlet of community of Patuanak on the North West Communities board for more than a decade. His hobbies include hunting, hockey, curling, and being with his family.  


Randy herman

Northern Village of La Loche



Northern Village of buffalo Narrows

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